Monday, September 24, 2012

Wild Wings Versus Buffalo Wild Wings Coming to Winnipeg

Wild Wings Canada coming to Regent

For a long time, it has been talked about how U.S. based Buffalo Wild Wings is coming to Winnipeg. They still are. They have been delayed opening across Canada by Wild Wings which filed a lawsuit of infringement against the company. All through the last year Buffalo Wild Wings was unable to trademark its name because of the legal process. Regardless, they opened restaurants in Ontario and have just opened their Calgary location. Winnipeg is still part of the 50 plus restaurants they want to open over the next four years.

The battle over names and provincial and national name registries is an old one in Manitoba. For years, The Brick battled Brick's Fine Furniture about their name in court. After a protracted battle, neither changed their name. When Cowboys from Calgary looked to open in Winnipeg, they ran smack dab into the fact that Cowboys had been registered in this province by Canad Inns.

Ultimately, I suspect that both names will prevail but then the courts could decide differently.

Wild Wings is a Canadian-based franchise with 100 locations also only in Ontario and Alberta and is getting ready to open their first location of their western style saloon restaurant along Regent Avenue in Transcona this November.

Winnipeggers love their wings and this battle is only just beginning. There are already wings rated by price and taste all over the city. In this fight things are measured by how much a pound or per wing price. Or by the multiple flavours. For example, Wild Wings has 101 flavours. What they don't compare favourably on is unit price according to some reviews.

So when will Buffalo Wild Wings join the fight in Winnipeg? Well, the Ikea site has several buildings in addition to the Ikea already in progress. Chances are we will see some restaurants there. Already there has been talk about Outback, Earl's, Qdoba and others. The A&W across the street will be complete near the same time as Ikea.

Now...all we need is a Jets season.


Riverman said...

I tried Wild Wings in Toronto, it was terrible. The wings can out undercooked if you can believe that. The best wings I have had here were from the Little Bones trailer.

John Dobbin said...

River: Little Bones trailer?

Chris millard said...

John. Littleboneswings is a food truck that you can find downtown sometimes. Most of the time you can find them on regent ave on tues and Thursday's in the toys r us Parking lot. Great wings, great price and awesome owners. Go try em- you won't be disappointed.

John Dobbin said...

Chris: Thanks. I haven't seen their truck but by times downtown at lunch have been rare during the week. I will have to find them! Mmmm, wings.

John Dobbin said...

Should read: my times downtown at the lunch hour are rare.

Riverman said...

That's the one John, read my review on Urbanspoon.