Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Wendy's Opposite St. Vital Centre

Wendy's Opposite Montana's Cookhouse on St. Mary's Road, right side at the traffic lights

McDonald's and Burger King are just down the street. Wendy's gets the choice location right across from the St. Vtal Centre.

Wendy's had been a bit down on their luck in the city but this ought to be a good location for them.

Not so good for crazy traffic already around St. Vital Centre.


Ray said...

It will be interesting to see how much more chaos this will create to the traffic flow in this area. Have you seen the imagination of the Developer in how to get traffic into there from people heading Northbound? A service road all the way back to the lights. I can only visualize exiting traffic going Southbound only. I think it is the wrong type of business for that lot. Fast food customers don't want to deal with grid lock. They may get you in there once but repeat customers. No way

Anonymous said...

i love wendys id rather wait in line then drive down pembina to the other one

Anonymous said...

Whens it open???