Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sherbrook Street Developments

The New Rose n Bee on Sherbrook

The block across from Misericordia Hospital has always been sort of an oasis even as the rest of Sherbrook Street hung in the balance several years back. As reported in Slurpees and Murder from a Stylus story, The Standard Tavern has been bought and renovated by two brothers and re-named the Rose n Bee. It is a play on the new owners names.

The Standard was once known as Hooligans and it has been known for live music. However, it is safe to say that the place did not have the same profile as The Nook, Cousins or Bistro Dansk. Even Boon Burger a short baseball throw down the street drew more notice in the neighbourhood.

Bistro Dansk has been holding its own and serving Danish food on the street since 1977. Likewise, Cousins and the The Nook have a few decades on the street. It is good that new local owners have decided to kickstart the restaurant and live music venue.

There are many exciting things happening on Sherbrook. We see lots of solid restaurants. Could some quirky shops and store emerge next?

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