Thursday, June 28, 2012

Target to Abandon Polo Park Shopping Centre

Canad Inns Stadium

The rumour had always been that a large department store was going up on the site. Some hoped for Kohl's but the more likely candidate was always Target, a store that most certainly was going to find the Zeller's site at Polo Parking Shopping Centre too small to suit the needs of grocer and retail store.

Polo Park has been transforming itself in recent months. Target would drive traffic in the mall but but there might be a better match for the high fashion we are seeing now.

Cadillac Fairview and Shindico will partner up to develop the Canad Inns Stadium once the Blue Bombers decamp for University of Manitoba.

Just a guess but we could be seeing one of the first SuperTargets being constructed in Canada in early 2013.

As for the Zellers in the mall. It was scheduled to close once its stock was liquidated late in 2012.

What will happen to the old Zellers site? Can anyone say H&M Finally?


One Man Committee said...

Not too surprising to see CF involved in the redevelopment of the stadium site... it's a golden opportunity to bolster Polo Park's status as the number one retail draw in the city.

I don't think anyone will be terribly surprised by this outcome, although at the very least I hope that CF develops the land to a higher standard than the mishmash of things that currently exist north of Polo Park Shopping Centre. The cinema and new office building look like they were just tossed up quickly without any regard for planning a decent-looking site. Surely the City can insist on a higher standard of development for the stadium lands.

Anonymous said...

RE: "What will happen to the old Zellers site?"
- Impark is hovering.

Anonymous said...

I heard rumours that H&M will be moving to St Vital instead of Polo Park. This is why HMV and Pearl Vision moved to other location within the mall. H&M will take over the old location

Anonymous said...

H&M stores in North America are almost always between 15,000 to 25,000 Sq Feet sometimes not even including the warehouse area of the store. The Pearl Vision/HMV site in St Vital Centre comes out to only around 10,000 Sq feet I believe. The women's collection wouldn't even fit in that location unless it were expanded further.

Anonymous said...

HMV moved because Victoria's secret was going to move into the location of pearl vision and HMV.