Monday, June 4, 2012

Seasons of Tuxedo Part 2

Corner of Sterling Lyon and Kenaston in April of 2009

This week the entire Ikea building frame was put in place. It now sits on what will be the full footprint of its location. The parking lot is also taking shape now.

Expect to see all of the blue and yellow walls up before the end of June or mid July and then the work of getting things ready inside will continue. The opening is still slated for fall of 2012 but how soon? September, October or November? I am going to say October.

Further site clearance continues for the Cabela's going up. Lowe's Home Improvement has not submitted a site plan yet. This week the site plans for Mr. Lube's location go before the committee. Well, no real drawings of the place but they are going in Seasons of Tuxedo.

Still no movie theatre announcement. I am now thinking that might not come till 2013 when they begin developing the north side of Sterling Lyon. After last summer's demolitions, there has not been anything going on there. The rush is on to get Ikea done.

The site is massive and lots of workers are involved in building it. Many of the traffic lights are still inactive but there is some indication of problems emerging.

Let's deal with Sterling Lyon heading east past Ikea. The right turn on to Kenaston used to be one lane with a yield sign. It is now two lanes with a traffic light. Okay, no problem. However, the curb lane is a turning lane into Ikea not onto Kenaston! At the moment, you have vehicles that are all trying to stream into one lane of traffic because only a short distance ahead, Kenaston resumes only two lanes.

Now, city planners better be aware of how people use their intersection lest we have what happened at McGilliary and Kenaston. In that case, it was mounting deaths.

Poor lines down on the road continue to be a problem. Heading north towards Sterling Lyon has two left turns, one of which is into the Ikea. There is an unlit sign indicating an island ahead prior to the turn at Sterling Lyon. Can't tell you how many people have made the mistake of getting in the wrong lane too early and almost killing themselves and others.

Stop experimenting with people's lives and put up lit signage to indicate that some lanes are for entering the Seasons of Tuxedo only. Paint the roads!

All I see is a mad scramble building for this fall and City hall will be to blame if they don't actually drive through that intersection.

Other than that, looking forward to Swedish meatballs in only a few months.

Update: Shortly after noting no painted lines on the right turn off of Sterling Lyon, some were painted on Monday.


Anonymous said...

The whole area needs access roads and an overpass. Whoever designed these intersections should not only be fired immediately, he/she should be publicly drawn and quartered as a warning to future traffic engineers/city planners in this city.

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