Thursday, June 7, 2012

Best Patio in Winnipeg 2012

Bar Italia on Corydon in July of 2009

What is the best patio in Winnipeg? This is a tough one based on the food you like, the location you like and a whole host of other of other things.

The one most people will gravitate to is Corydon Avenue where you might have more than a two dozen options on a nice evening. However, we are seeing a few other areas such as St. Boniface compete in this area as well.

I can attest to the fact that I am no expert when it comes to outdoor eating from one end of the city to the other.

What are some of your faves out there?


Riverman said...

The Sugar Shack at the Forks is my favourite - not for eating but for drinks.

Riverman said...

Every May long weekend my partner and I head to Toronto to explore as many patios as we can, guided by this:

which comes out every year. It would be nice to see the Metro or Uptown do a patio issue here.

cherenkov said...

Corydon is the best patio area, but the best patio may be the Pony Corral on Pembina.

ekimsharpe said...

it's great that the basil's patio is back open. i agree with riverman that the sugar or raggae shack is one of the best.

the stretch of patios along sherbrook - made up of the nook, cousins and the standard is a personal favourite. stella's down the road is much nicer but less lively.

i love patio season.

One Man Committee said...

I'm really fond of Pizzeria Gusto's patio.

If you judge mainly by how hard-core of a following they have, then Stella's, Bar Italia and Earls on Main have to be right up there.

One thing about Winnipeg is that there are many good patios but few great ones. A lot of them feel like they are in the middle of the street (any patio located on a numbered City Route) or totally isolated from the urban environment (Inferno's, Moxies/Joey/Earls). Most of the ones that balance those elements well tend to be clustered on Corydon and Osborne, which is why those are definitely the choicest patio streets in town.

One Man Committee said...

I should hasten to add that I have always loved the rooftop patio at Tavern United downtown. While I'm not crazy about Tavern Uniteds generally, I'm willing to overlook my reservations just to enjoy the setting at least a few times each summer.

Tessa said...

Wow, Cold Cold Ground over there nailed my faves exactly! Pizzeria Gusto's patio is fantastic, too, OMC. John, I am going to steal this idea ... and credit you. But steal nonetheless.

John Dobbin said...

Riverman: I would agree on having a helpful tourist guide on patios here in the city. I have not been to the Sugar Shack in a long time.

Cherenkov: I have not been to the patio there. Last visit was in winter. :p

Ekim: I have been to Cousins a few times not not the Nook or Standard. I will have to check them out.

OMC: Still haven't been to Pizzeria Gusto. wah! I remember when Grapes and Earl's faced off against one another in the 1990s on Main. There were line ups on both sides of the street.

Tessa: Please do! I want to hear more thoughts on the best patios. I was even thinking of asking for photo submissions to put up.


I am partial to Mona Lisa's patio and the games played next door. I would love to see more rooftop attractions.

Anonymous said...

Where the heck is Pizzeria Gusto?