Monday, January 9, 2012

Don Percy Back on Winnipeg Radio

Ever wonder where Stan Kubicek and Don Percy ever went to?

Until the conversion of 1290 to TSN Sports Radio, Don Percy was spinning oldies.

I wondered back then if he would land a job in the multitude of radio stations in the city.

Well, looks like he has found a home at Breeze along with Stan Kubicek.

At 100.7, Breeze is not exactly tearing up the charts. Bringing in Don Percy will get noticed and the newspaper ads certainly indicate they think he has a fan base.

It is hard to keep up with the changing formats of 100.7. It was The Lounge over Christmas, HANK FM before that and Cafe 100.7.

Way back, it was nostalgia radio.

New ownership has come out with a little spirit. The Evanov Group started up Energy 106 to poke an eye at Hot 103. Until very recently, it must have been quite clear that 103 had the top 40 pop hip hop market to itself. Not anymore. Interestingly, it looks like the intention was to call 106, The Jewel before settling on Energy.

Now we are seeing an attempt to move into 102.3 Clear FM's territory for another Evanov property. Breeze has probably got a long way to move past the Rogers owned station but you never know.

The complaints on Winnipeg radio are many. Never has so much been offered in such a limited range. We'll see if anyone breaks from the pack.

It will be interesting to see the new radio ratings and whether TSN Radio is big.

In any event, welcome back to two Winnipeg broadcasters.


Will Williamson said...

It's good to have Don Percy back on the air but did we really need Stan Kubicek back?

Anonymous said...

What's the format for The Breeze?

Anonymous said...

The new 100.7 music sucks...BIG TIME. Bring back K-ROCK..."NOW".

Anonymous said...

The format is the same as ...Ohhhhh...the same as 4 or 5 other stations in Winnipeg.

Anonymous said...

hurray for Don\Stan for being back on air for us WHO appreciate themas well as the type being that internatinal hr and no other statin is playing this
variety!!and we sure do not need any more rock fulltime.blues, yes in moderation.hey we are the ones with retirement $$$$.give us more
breeze!! \jj

Anonymous said...

I have had it with radio in Winnipeg.....getting a satellite radio subscription this week......

Anonymous said...

Now in his early 70's, Don has more energy and commitment to his craft than most announcers in their 30's.
His positive attitude and appreciation for his listeners comes though loud and clear.

Prairie Pagan said...

I like the programming, it is as they coined...a variety of listening pleasures.
Perhaps I've just never heard of Don Percy before, but I have to say, it's all I can do to stay tuned in the morning....the man has a tendancy to gargle on live radio? I just cannot stomach it sometimes.