Monday, October 17, 2011

The Hub Campus Bar to Open at University of Manitoba

The new bar at UMSU

The never ending construction at the University of Manitoba must make for some less than enjoyable student life.

How long does it take to get student services like a pub or restaurant going at UMSU?

It would seem the answer is months.

The Hub will be the new campus bar replacing the old Wise Guys on Campus bar and the UMSU pub before that.

It is Back to the Future for UMSU; a return to pub fare and entertainment. Some of the themed nights will be: “Classic Country” and “Revamped Rez”.

Art from students will be featured as well.

Given that the new Blue Bomber and Bisons stadium next door, you would figure some sports themes. Lots of Jets games could also attract a crowd. No idea if flat screens is on the agenda. If not, UMSU...please consider a sports bar on campus.

One thing the university bar should try to avoid is losing money. The Soma food services idea at the University of Winnipeg has been a moneypit. Tens of thousands has gone down the rabbit hole there.

Campus life should be hard work but also fun. The universities in this town seem to specialize in the exodus: How we get out of here as fast as we can?

Wouldn't it be nice if thousands of students at a variety of things that enhanced their academic and social experience at the university level?'s hoping The Hub is the first of a few things to give the U of M some swagger.


One Man Committee said...

One of the experiences that U of M students really miss out on is that of being on a lively, vibrant campus. The U of M's campus feels pretty lively until 5:00 or so, at which point the place more or less shuts down. Some of that can't be helped given the location of the campus, far out in the suburban fringes of the city near the Pembina Hwy. wastelands, but at least a good pub will provide an after-hours gathering point right on campus.

mrchristian said...

I can now down a couple of shots before the WIPS radio show !

Anonymous said...

Man, U of M sure has changed. When I attended there was no bar, no radio station, not even a school newspaper. That was only 10 years ago!