Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Return of The Great Canadian Talk Show

Meant to comment on this earlier but The Great Canadian Talk Show has returned in a regular format of podcasts. I am trying to catch up. It is like the return of an old friend.

Lots of interviews happening. I exppect more as the provincial election continues.

I hope a central archive page is coming because it is going to be hard to track down shows soon enough. It is always good to contrast what was said with what was done.

I can't say I have been overly impressed with TV coverage so far. Not a lot on radio either although this morning I heard a lovely summary of the Ontario Election on The House on CBC radio. CJOB has done their regular stuff but noting jumps out yet. The morning and afternoon shows seem to feature a lot of fluff.

Newspaper coverage is really only done by the Free Press. I am surprised The Sun hasn't endorsed the Tories yet. I have to ask: where is the extensive analysis? Reality checks? Guess editorials and columns? The Full court press online?

Still feel there is huge room for improvement.

Community radio, we miss you. Podcasts will have to do.


Reed Solomon said...

Simply add to any podcast catcher program. I use 'MyPod' on android but there are tons of them out there that work just as well. Podcatcher, etc. Heck, you can even just bookmark that link in firefox.

John Dobbin said...

hehe I guess all I need now is a cell phone or an iPod.

Reed Solomon said...

You don't technically need one. You can merely use a windows program (I assume you are using windows) to automate downloading any new mp3's. If you want to listen on the go, you certainly need some sort of mp3 player, but it could easily be the cheapest mp3 player ever. You don't need to buy an Android or iOS device. In fact, if you have an older palmOS or Windows Mobile device you could use them for the same purpose (Assuming they aren't so old they don't have wifi and/or mp3 player support)

And like I said, if you bookmark that feed link in Firefox, you get a list of the mp3's to download with a click.