Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Manitoba Election 3

Trust the Winnipeg Sun to get it wrong.

They want to support the Conservative party in whatever jurisdiction they are in and no amount of crime legislation or policing is enough for them, they will ask for more. And only one political party ever gets it right for them and that is the Conservatives. All the other parties support criminals in their view.

Never does the paper look at crime prevention overall. They want bigger sentences, no pardons, no paroles, more police, more prisons and more spending.

It is highly doubtful they will ever truly ask how effective the police helicopter is compared to how the money might have been spent on officers on the ground. Seeing as how they were the driving force behind the helicopter, we shouldn't be surprised.

In their editorial to support Hugh McFadyen and ankle bracelets, they decide to trash Jon Gerrard and the Liberals as hugging thugs. Gerrard's crime: Wanting to spend money on recreation programs to help prevent kids from being attracted to crime.

What we don’t want to hear is talk about how community club programs are the answer to our crime woes, a preposterous suggestion put forward by the Liberals on Tuesday. There’s nothing wrong with handing out some money for such things, of course, but to suggest it will have much of an effect on curbing crime is a stretch.

So I have to ask the Winnipeg Sun: Do you believe the Winnipeg Police Service hugs thugs? Well, do ya?

The reason I ask is because the Winnipeg Police Service believes in recreation for kids to turn them around.

A report by a Winnipeg Police Service officer and city employee to the Protection and Community Services Committee recommended free access for kids who are involved in the province’s Turnabout Program, which focuses on kids 12 years old or younger who have gotten into trouble or are at risk of doing so.

The program would cost about $60,000 and serve roughly 150 families of four people according to a financial impact statement on the proposal.

Now, the Winnipeg Sun might want to bring back the death penalty and lock up all offenders and by all means that is their right. However, if the Winnipeg Police and Jon Gerrard think it might be cheaper to act *before* someone becomes an offender, does that make them huggers of thugs?

The name calling that the Winnipeg Sun is doing is akin the bullying and tries to make everyone one up each other for most aggressive anti-crime stance.

In the same paper that criticizes Jon Gerrard, the editors tell a letter writer not to resort to vigilante justice.

Sick to the stomach

Re: ‘Welcome to Killerpeg,’ Tom Brodbeck, Sept. 2.

I agree with Tom and every other good citizen of this city who is sick to their stomach about of youth punks getting away with murder. To add insult to injury, we the public don’t even have the right to know who these youths are because it might be unfair to them.

Well, if any friend or family member of mine is ever brutalized by young punks, I won’t be lobbying our government or crying out and begging my MP to change our weak-wiled laws. I won’t for two reasons. One, there are simply too many bleeding heart liberals in this country to see any real significant changes occur, now or ever. Two, I prefer to take out my own garbage.


Appreciate your frustration, but vigilante justice isn’t a good idea.

So, is the Winnipeg Sun hugging a thug for not agreeing that the people should deal with crime the old fashioned way? Are they far left commies?

I guess it is too much to ask the Sun to maybe look into something before namecalling. Could have been a good idea to ask the police and police association of what they thought of Gerrard's idea before labelling it. However, that would not be in keeping with editorials that have to be approved by others in terms of how it supports their chosen party.

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