Saturday, September 3, 2011

Blockbuster Closing

Many were closed earlier. The rest are going now. Blockbuster US basically threw Blockbuster Canada under the bus and used its American debts. The the new owner made it impossible for the remainder of the company to be sold by trying to deny them the use of the Blockbuster name.

It is another example of how the Canadian arm of a U.S. company can do better than the U.S. part and get dropkicked regardless. We have seen this with Linens and Things, Office Depot and now Blockbuster.

The St. James Blockbuster was doing a brisk business but no real additional sales as yet. Expect blow-outs soon.

The only large national chain of movie rental place that exist now are Rogers Video.

Google announced that they will be renting movies via Youtube this past week. However, there is not many new movies and it is a very small library at the moment.

Netflix continues to operate and with a better price. However, they too don't have much in the new category yet either.

While many people say that downloading or Video on Demand is what everyone wants, the two formats often don't have a huge library, offer new material quickly and can be expensive.

It looks like the end of an era but is it one that might turn out to have less choice and cost more in the end?

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Anonymous said...

Good riddance. I've always shopped at Movie Village anyway.