Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sterling Lyon Parkway Part 1

Sterling Lyon Parkway Medical Center

The Sterling Lyon Parkway. The red marks the area where Ikea and Seasons of Tuxedo will be. Across Kenaston, the medical center.

The focus has been on Kenaston but the development along Sterling Lyon Parkway is a like a run away train.

Tall condos, seniors residences and officer buildings are going up fast.

One office building in particular has been going up for months. The Sterling Lyon Health Centre is a medical and professional building going up in partnership with eight local doctors a Troika Developments of B.C.

It is on the corner of Lorimer and Sterling Lyon, a baseball throw from where the Ikea will be built at Kenaston and Sterling Lyon. The medical center will stand at 5 stories with an underground parking lot. At 71,000 square feet and costing $20 million, the edifice is rather imposing as you drive down the increasingly busy divided road.

The warehouse and offices going up in this area astound each year. And condos are sprouting up all the time.

More on this in the future...

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