Sunday, June 26, 2011

Still in Charleswood

I apologize for the lack of posts since the beginning of the the year. I have written when I could but it has been a tough number of months. I have been going through the process of a divorce. While there has not been any rancour, it has been deeply saddening and I have struggled with trying to stay focused on work and on how and where I will be living.

I thought most certainly I would leaving my beloved Charleswood as it seemed a difficult prospect to find a home in this market in the same area.

I was first started life in the downtown area about as close to Portage and Main as you could get residentially. My family bounced around from apartments to houses until I was just about to start Kindergarten. At that time, our family bought a house in River Heights. It was where I grew up through the many years.

When it came time to buy my first home, I looked in River Heights but found even then it was hyper-competitive to find a place. I looked farther afield in south Winnipeg until coming upon old Charleswood just past the west entrance to Assiniboine Park.

It is here that I have called home the last several years and it is where I have found a place again.

I am settling in and hope to continue to write more about the neighbourhood and about the city and province in general. As I said, it has been a tough time but I am finding a rhythm and getting back to it.

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One Man Committee said...

Thanks for the update. I'm sorry to hear about the reason behind your absence lately, and I wish you all the best.

Emma said...

I'm sorry to hear that, too. I hope a new beginning in a familiar neighbourhood does you good.

Riverman said...

Did you know Charleswood started out as a VLA settlement? There were two I know of, Charleswood and Rivercrest.

Doug said...

Sorry for the personal problems. Enjoy your writing and views on Winnipeg area issues. I grew up in Charleswood and bought in River Heights. 2 wonderful areas to reside in.

John Dobbin said...

Thanks everyone. Today was one of the first days that I felt more settled in months. My cat is draped over the top of computer table and I took the time to research a local issue and write about it. Went to Transformers as well.

Riverman: Tell me more.

Riverman said...

Riverman said...

Rivercrest was initially one acre lots with the house built on one side, giving the settlers the option of sub-dividing. If you drive through there you'll see old houses between newer ones.

There must be a similar story with old Charleswood's long narrow lots.