Monday, May 2, 2011

Election Prediction

I think vote splitting will be the rule of the day.

Here is my prediction:

Conservative: 176 seats
NDP: 85 seats
Liberal: 32 seats
Bloc: 13 seats
Green: 1 seat
Independent: 1 seat

Of course, the polling has been somewhat mystifying in its range. It really is hard to hard to sense how Quebec will go but the Bloc is under lots of pressure as are the Liberals.

Both parties might not survive.

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Purple Rod said...

Nice predictions. Looks like the NDP gobbled up all the previous Liberal and Bloc seats, especially in Quebec.

John Dobbin said...

I was wrong on the BQ and just how bad they were going to do. I believed that the Tories would take more seats in splits in Quebec. The NDP did really well there.

I wonder if they might face problems as Mulroney eventually did with soft nationalists.

RM said...

Good calls. I didn't have the chutzpa to make predictions, and they wouldn't have been as close as yours.