Tuesday, April 19, 2011

James Turner Metro Reporter

I hadn't seen it mentioned anywhere but James Turner is a reporter for the Metro News.

The intelligence quotient of the paper increased with that addition.

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Anonymous said...

Nice of you to say, but intelligence [in the intellectual sense] isn't something I'm known for!

Reed Solomon said...

are you implying you're more in the intelligence [in the James Bond sense] variety?

One Man Committee said...

Good move for Metro. I also notice that today's edition contains a column by none other than the Policy Frog himself. It's nice to see some quality local content.

Kyle said...

Actually, I'm going to have to disagree here. James, in my opinion, is worth far more than the 200 words of space he's given in the Metro. He likes to dig, and has turned out great stories that need far more than the small stories the paper publishes. Who knows, maybe the size of stories will change as the paper grows, but so far I'm underwhelmed by the lack of even the most basic context in much of the Metro's articles.