Friday, March 4, 2011

More Local Content on 1290 Sports Radio

I complained about how little local content there was when the station started and it has slowly started to carve out a niche in that area in the last months. 1290 Sports Radio first picked up the Illegal Curve radio program from Kick FM for a weekend show. Next, they brought In Leah Hextall for a program called Amateur Hour featuring the unsung heroes in sport.

However, the best was yet to come: Winnipeg Free Press sports columnist Gary Lawless and co-host Andrew (Hustler) Paterson jumped from their evening timeslot on CJOB to the same timeframe on 1290 Sports Radio.

CJOB has moved quickly to fill the spot with Bob Irving, one of the most respected people in Winnipeg sports.

It is going to be interesting comparing the two sports shows over the next months.

It is a lot of content for one man to fill on CJOB given the rest of the responsibilities on his shoulders. Bob Irving is quite good but it one heck of a lot work that he will be doing. Of course, the same can be said for Gary Lawless who in addition to the Free Press puts in huge hours on radio.

Is this a battle of stamina now?

At the very least CJOB should seek a co-host for the Irving show.

Sports radio has gotten very hot all the sudden.

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mrchristian said...

We seem to have a lot of great sports radio going on. KICK has a very good (mostly) hockey show back on and on one of the UNI stations I caught part of a good sports radio show as well.

Sorry, I usually don't catch show titles.

I really like the idea of the Amateur Hour. From cricket to baseball to football we have some great amateur sports scenes in the city that nobody pays attention to.

Fat Arse said...

Irving should recruit the Freep's Ed Tait as his co-host. They have a proven chemistry on the air as evidenced by those times when Ed has appeared with Irving during Bomber game broadcasts.

John Dobbin said...

Arse: I wonder if CJOB is feeling a bit burned by the Free Press at the moment. I still they have a lot they can share but the Free Press has now gone into competition with them on radio content.

Christian: Sports radio programming was ignored by so many for many decades. The only choice for a long time was CJOB for local stuff with a few years where CKY radio had the hockey broadcasts.

Now, you can roll through a few station now for sports. Some of this has been helped by campus radio that filled a niche.