Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Flood Part 2 - Sump Pump and Pits

As with all things government, the sump pump and pit program is likely to run into problems. Don't get me wrong: The sump pump and pit and back water valve program is a good idea. It should have been done years ago and it would have probably saved a lot of hardship for homeowners and the city and province alike. However, the retroactive nature of the funding is probably going to drain the funding quickly.

You have to wonder if the reason the province has never thought about it till now is because Greg Selinger has never had a flooded basement nor has a sump pump and pit.

Sam Katz had a sump pump and pit installed in his house a number of years ago. It is too bad he didn't push for this program earlier on.

In fact, I'd like to know who came up with the idea because it made sense to do it for many years now.

There are some people who have called the program a boondoggle. The same was said about the floodway.

This is a program that could save property owners hundreds of thousands every year.

There are a few things that the city and province should think about as the program proceeds:

- Make sure it is not underfunded.
- Make sure that inspections are not delayed.
- Expedite work. If a company such as Sturgeon Constuction was suitable in the past for work like sump pump installation, they are probably suitable now too.
- Think about extending the program to cover everyone who wants to be covered in existing homes.

There is no sense ending the program when danger will continue for existing home for years to come.

Sometimes the city and the province cause chaos with their expiration dates. I think the low flush toilet problem is a case in point.

This is going to save people money. It will benefit the city and the province in the end. Please monitor the program carefully and consider extending it.

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RM said...

Any reports from lay people on the inspection delays you mentioned? PP&D changed their inspection "booking procedures" a few months ago...