Sunday, January 16, 2011


CTV has an article about the superstreets concept that is being tested out to help improve flow of traffic and put an end to left turns that can cause danger.

In short, the idea is to have people make right turns and then a U-turn to avoid the problems associated with a left turn.

I think anyone in Winnipeg could come up with several deadly intersections in town where left turns are brutal. Check out the article and let's hope that someone in city planning is looking at this. It may be more expensive initially to set up but if it saves lives and reduces congestion, it will be worth it.

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mrchristian said...

But decreasing the number of left turns an be a pain too.

There are a couple of places - Broadway at Osborne and Route 90 at Ness where that's in place and you end up going blocks out of your way (technically to a different part of town) before you can turn around and get back from the other direction !

In newer areas where they are planning roads form scratch, mebbe that can work, but if they go on a kick stopping more left hand turns on existing roads that would suck.