Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shaw And Data Usage

I wondered back in December if Shaw was going to raise rates with the introduction of Netflix. Their response to going over download limits was to cut customers off. Now, they will charge if someone goes over their limit three months in a row.

Expect more tweaks as more people start accessing television and movies via but the bottom line is that Shaw will charge more and more for their service and act as gatekeeper. Moreover, they will likely try to kill competitive services and direct more people to their video on demand services instead.

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DriveGoddess said...

Corporate greed and fascism.....I have seen my net rates go up and service slow down and I was one of the first 300 households in this city to get high speed back in the mid-90s. Communications in this country are insanely high in cost.

I see this move as punishment for those of us who have discontinued our overpriced digital cable. I watch lots of YouTube, project free TV and such, not netflix yet and I really am not happy about the possibility of being charged to watch funny stuff on YouTube.

The CRTC's role needs to be re-examined as this latest move does not serve the consumer.

Reed Solomon said...

I *will* switch to MTS or a competing provider. Which is a shame, as before this nonsense, I had a generally favourable opionion of Shaw and was even considering switching to their wireless service when it became available. No longer.

educate yourselves. This all comes down to the demands yet again of bell wireless and its cronies and the crtc yes men doing nothing to ensure Canada remains competitive in the 21st century. We pay more for what is now metered internet than other countries pay for faster unlimited internet. For what? To pad the bottom line of the already wealthy.