Thursday, January 13, 2011

Manitoba Time

Hammer Time

Miller Time

Manitoba Time... uh no Manitoba: Glorious and Free

Travel Manitoba is about to unveil a $2 million marketing campaign.

The slogan will be "Manitoba Time".

You have to wonder if anyone thought about the built in jokes such a slogan will have. Miller Time and Hammer Time come to mind.

I have a suggestion that goes old school. Glorious and Free. It is right on our coat of arms. It say a lot. It means a lot. It represents Manitoba and doesn't seem to be manufactured by some test audience somewhere.

It seems we spend a lot of spirited energy trying to convey something to others about our province.

Why not stick to something that has worked a long time.

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Reed Solomon said...

My theory: Actual cost for coming up with slogan $20. the rest of the 2 million? spent on NDP logo ivory back scratchers.

Anonymous said...

Why could they just not revert back to "Friendly Manitoba?"

John Dobbin said...

I certainly have to wonder how long it took to come up with the slogan. As for the money spent, I guess we'll see. In some of the ad campaigns, I have a hard time guessing who the sponsor is and what they are selling.

As for Friendly Manitoba, it certainly is something that people are familiar with and that a campaign could be built around.

One Man Committee said...

Not that I'm especially enamoured by "Manitoba Time", but I'm pretty sure that any slogan devised by marketing professionals - whether it's terrible or brilliant - will be roundly mocked, condemned and scorned by Manitobans immediately upon hearing it. That's just how we roll.

On that basis alone it's probably smarter to save our money, stick with "Friendly Manitoba" and use the savings to buy more ads. What's the use in fighting it?