Sunday, January 23, 2011

Manitoba Moose Game Today

Today is the first day for the CBC coverage of Manitoba Moose games. They play Abbottsford Heat at 12 noon.

Hope lots of people tune in so that we see more coverage next year including play-offs.

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astone said...

Who cares. What a waste of time and energy!!!

One Man Committee said...

Even though it's very much the CBC "B team" that puts on the AHL broadcasts, they are done to a higher standard than any other AHL game that I've ever seen on TV before (including Sportsnet). It was quite impressive to see, and fortunately the Moose and Heat put on a great game for them.

One issue that raises a bit of a question mark is the suitability of the MTS Centre for televised hockey games. Several CBC cameras were located right in the stands with few dedicated positions that didn't interfere with sightlines. In an arena as small as the MTSC, the club can ill afford to lose prime seats for TV cameras - I wonder how they will deal with this matter if the NHL returns?

John Dobbin said...

Astone: Not sure if you mean about the Moose or hockey or sports in general. If the criticism is in just regards to the Moose then like Chipman I have to say that it is only because of the Moose that the NHL is looking at Winnipeg in terms of returning.

If it is hockey and sports in general, then it important to know that the Moose are responsible for the building of an arena that has attracted a wide range of other sports, arts and entertainment.

The continued success of the Moose ensures the facility is making money to be able to attract other entertainment.

OMC: I noticed the sightlines as well during the game. I assume that the NHL has told the team that things like the pressbox, camera angles and other flourishes will be needed if and when an NHL team comes.

I have no idea what the ratings were on CBC for the game. if anyone finds out, please let me know.