Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cordell Barker Animation in Cat Crazed

For those of you who love cats and the animation of Winnipeg's Cordell Barker, tune into the documentary Cat Crazed tonight on CBC tonight at 9 and its repeat on the CBC News Network Friday.

How did much of the Winnipeg media miss this? Listed in the highlights on the Winnipeg Free Press today and full articles in the Globe and Mail and Calgary Herald but many will likely miss the show without more radio and TV coverage.

From the Calgary Herald:

Cat Crazed offers a long, bizarre and entertaining journey through cat obsession before we get to Bruce's (the director's) made-in-Canada solution, which involves both cat licensing and the only free spay and neutering facility in North America aimed at low-income cat owners.

Throughout this doc are animations from Cordell Barker, the producer of 1987's The Cat Came Back.

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