Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Where Have All The Bloggers Gone?

It sounds better when you sing it to "where all the flowers gone?"

Today, Endless Spin Cycle called it a day. Hard not to think that given his job, his book and his studies over the last year that it is a little hard to write a quality blog too.

By my reckoning even the archives are gone.

Waverley West and Project Scottsdale are off. I will write to see if I can get more information on that. I hope it wasn't legal bullying.

Take a look at my blogroll and there are a few blogs not touched in a year.

There have been some great new blogs in the last year and hats off to them to continue.

I will try and have one of the more up to date blogrolls so please keep my informed.

A provincial election is coming up and I would like to see every riding covered.

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Pat B. said...

Hi John,

I too lament the demise of Endless Spin. His departure leaves a big hole.

I hate to do a bit of self-promotion but I finally launched my blog today. It's at http://964835fromthecentre.blogspot.com

While my first post doesn't cover Manitoba politics, I do intend on covering local and provincial issues.

Thanks for letting me use this place for a shameless plug.


John Dobbin said...

Thanks for letting me know. Will add to my blog roll today!