Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The New Executive Policy Committee

Some new faces and some surprises on Sam Katz's new Executive Policy Committee.

First, the return of some old hands to EPC.

They are:

Gord Steeves (St. Vital)
Justin Swandel (St. Norbert)
Scott Fielding (St. James – Brooklands)

That is two Liberals, one Progressive Conservative. Steeves is a centrist, and Swandel and Fielding are right of center.

Joining the three on EPC are:

Jeff Browaty (North Kildonan)
Dan Vandal (St. Boniface)
Paula Havixbeck (Charleswood – Tuxedo)

That is two Conservatives and a surprise appointment of an NDP affiliated candidate in Vandal. Paula Havixbeck also gets tapped for deputy mayor.

Getting the boot from EPC is Mike Paktagkan (Point Douglas). Could this be because he ran for Winnipeg North's nomination and didn't get it and is now expected to go after Kevin Lamoureux's provincial seat shortly?

Some additional appointments were made to some loyalists on council and one to a councillor who is not. Russ Wyatt (Transcona) was appointed to chair the environmental committee.

My thoughts on the appointment of Danny Vandal is that he did not run particularly negative against Katz in the election. I don't know what their working relationship is like but perhaps Katz believes Vandal will do the job seriously. He might not be so certain of the other rookie councillors.

Not sure why Grant Nordman (St. Charles) wasn't tapped this time around for EPC. He seems a loyal Katz guy and has been there for a while. Could be he was just the odd guy out in a gesture to Vandal.

Update: Grand Nordman was appointed Speaker. I should have remembered that Katz would be looking for a loyalist for the position.

Saw the interview of Paktagkan. He didn't look happy being moved out of EPC. Talked about the importance of an inner city representative and ethnic diversity by having him there.

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mrchristian said...

It's a better mix than he had before. Nice to see Browaty there, get some younger blood on it.

John Dobbin said...

We'll see how they work together.

Some big issues coming up in terms of money and infrastructure.