Friday, November 12, 2010

Latest On The Great Canadian Talk Show

I spoke to Dean of Students Graham Thomson this afternoon for an explanation about the cancellation of The Great Canadian Talk Show.

In short, I said that the station seemed to have a good student representation on the show and I asked whether the show should have been given an opportunity to demonstrate that.

I put forward that there was a few shows on Kick FM that were run and operated by volunteers and asked if they were all in trouble.

Thomson indicated he was taking notes from all the people who called and he explained what the radio licence called for. I pressed him on that and said I wasn't sure that the show didn't meet a lot of the requirements of student participation and could have done more if the college had given the opportunity.

To close the conversation, Thomson indicated that he thought Marty Gold would have the opportunity to re-apply for a radio slot. In other words, it looks as if an appeal might be happening.

I have not heard confirmation of this but it could mean that the show with some tweaks could be given the opportunity for a come back. I await further information.

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