Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ikea Part 4

I am a little confused about tonight's meeting on IKEA by the Assiniboia Community Committee tonight. A delegation from MMM will be meeting the councillors tonight to ask for an opening onto the north of Sterling Lyon Parkway. The picture above is of that opening.

The construction is almost complete on the roadwork there but I am still confused about how the approach into the north part of the parcel of land will go.

In my response to the poor condition of the road along Sterling Lyon, my city councillor Paula Havixbeck forwarded my concern to 311 who called me to tell me the number of the person to speak to at the contractor. That wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I contacted my councillor. I figure she would check in with the city official responsible for inspecting the city owned street and get back to me.

I don't know why I had to do this through 311 nor that I should speak to the contractor directly. I am not a city official nor do I have authority to tell the contractor whether the work meets standards or not.

In any event, I called MMM who are the contractors for the work being done. I was told that there is still $1 million worth of work to do on Sterling Lyon Parkway but that they believe the road will stand up to winter. I am not an engineer so I have no way of ascertaining that fact.

MMM was prompt and pleasant enough but I am a little disappointed that my councillor hasn't taken up the cause herself. I am still concerned that the road is a little rough in places.

While I had MMM on the phone, I asked about site preparation. It looks like the Clarke trucking dept and the old Zirino's building will be knocked down soon. I was told that the old owners are clearing out the last of their stuff and that heavy equipment is ready to tear everything down.

In effect, we are close to having both north and south of Sterling Lyon cleared and ready for work on IKEA construction.

The big question is whether Target will be joining IKEA at the site.

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