Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Great Canadian Talk Show's Replacement

Tristan Field-Jones, host of Musings on Politics

The program Musings On Politics has been selected to replace The Great Canadian Talk Show in the 4 pm to 6 pm timeslot. It is hosted by Tristan Field-Jones.

It appears that Rick Baverstock, the producer of Kick-FM is trying to ensure the timeslot remains civic minded.

It is a lot to ask of the program to fill so many hours. Here is their webpage.

In the meantime, Red River College has announced a person as the contact in regards to the station and the decisions made. That person is KICK board member Graham Thomson at 949-8377 or . He is the Dean of School of Business and Applied Arts.

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RM said...

Simply filling a time slot isn't the same as a "replacement".

John Dobbin said...

I'll agree. It is a lot to ask of the program moving to that timeslot.