Monday, November 8, 2010

Great Canadian Talk Show Ended... Shock

Marty Gold with Sam Katz when he guest hosted on CJOB

It is with complete shock that I read that The Great Canadian Talk Show has been cancelled.

I am completely bewildered by the announcement.

I'm aware that some people might not like the show or the host but I believed that the program fulfilled its education and civic responsibilities to the college and to the community in general.

Update: It appears Marty Gold will be interviewed on CTV NEWs at 11:30 PM tonight.

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Christian Cassidy said...

I'm not surprised, though. The guy's heart was in the right place, especially in the beginning, but he way too often overstepped the bounds IMHO. He relied so often on personal attacks on people - anyone and everyone he considered a persona, had a personal bugaboo about, belonging to a certain party or wrote something that in any way even remotely could be perceived as a slight against him.

Over time, rather than get more polished and insightful he just got more bombastic.

He tried to cover local and community issues like he was Fox TV or TMZ which after a while got repetitive and, I guess for the college, more about Him than actually giving students hands-on community programming experience.

I'm sure he'll pop up doing the odd thing at The Sun or CJOB or one of the media outlets he considered 'untouchable' in his daily rants !

John Dobbin said...

I have never heard an official complaint to the college or the regulatory officials.

If the college wanted more student involvement, they should show some details as to how and what they think it would look like.

Other campus radio in town have a variety of programs, not all by students. However, I believe The Great Canadian Talk Show had students involved and could have had more if the college directed the show to do so.