Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bring Co-Op Radio To Winnipeg

I think it is time to bring co-op radio to Winnipeg.

We already have one co-op radio station in Winnipeg at CJNU. There are a number of radio co-ops in B.C.

With the death of The Great Canadian Talk Show, it is obvious the city needs a co-op radio station.

I know nothing about operating a radio station but we have many people in the city who do.

I propose that we form a co-op with the goal of a 24 hour radio station for the city. I would be willing to be a co-op member and help any way I can.

Please leave a message if you might be interested in doing this.

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James Hope Howard said...

Oh, you know I'm down for this.

The main obstacles to establishing a new co-op station in the city would be the CRTC licensing, the Industry Canada approval to secure a frequency, and the patience necessary to get through the application processes for both. Compared to those steps, the content generation and delivery seem almost deceptively simple -- although, of course, the end product would depend upon the declared intentions of the station and its category of its license.

(I had some training and practice with open-source radio broadcasting software and organization during my Library and Information Science degree, as strange as that sounds. And, yes, I know that sounds pretty strange.)

tl;dr: Yes, I might be interested in this.

John Dobbin said...

Thanks for your reply. There have been a few emails as well to indicate that people are indeed interested.

I have no doubt that this is not an easy task. However, the main objective I see right now is to get a list of people willing to form a co-op and assess the various tasks and the people capable of working towards those goals.

There is one co-op already in the city in radio. I'd like to get some people together and meet them and see what they might suggest.