Thursday, November 18, 2010

Boxing Day - A Good Provincial Decision

In 2004 the provincial NDP doggedly stuck to their Sunday shopping laws on Boxing Day and the result was a collapse of sales for that day for many retailers.

I know some people might want a return to the days of yore when everything was closed on Boxing Day but the fact of the matter is that with use of the Internet, shopping happens even on Christmas day. The restrictions on Boxing Day hurt a whole host of smaller retailers who don't have a huge presence online.

Some employees might not be happy with the decision but to what extent do they want the government to restrict when they can work and what is open and closed? It used to be that with Sunday shopping restrictions that even Blue Bomber games were taboo. Do we close restaurants as well? Movie theatres?

I think the decision on retail hours is a good one.

The provincial laws for full time work have not changed. People still get the same amount of time off in hours in a week. There will be still time for families. Some in fact may take the time to go shopping as a family.

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Grant! said...

my biggest issue is that sunday used to be a common day off. Just because everyone still gets two days off doesn't mean that families will get to go shopping on Boxing Day.

After all, mom might have to work 9-3, dad will have a 2-10 shift and the kids all work weekends so they can fit school in on their "days off".

John Dobbin said...

It used to be that on Sundays everything was closed including restaurants, movie theaters and sporting events.

I guess the big question is how far back to we want to turn the clock back? To a time when it everything was closed?

My impression is that Manitobans have been voting with their feet. If we shut down on Sunday, the steady stream to the U.S. just grows bigger. And the danger was on Boxing Day, tens of millions of dollars would be spent down in the States.