Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Angry and Fearful NDP

Increasingly, we are seeing more aggressive and nasty NDP attacks both on the official and unofficial levels. The TV and print ad campaigns have attacked Hugh McFadyen. This has been the official party response.

The unofficial response is to attack the media for not cheerleading their party. They lash out at the CBC, CJOB and Kick-FM. They fill the comments columns of Free Press and Sun with angry and fearful responses.

The bloggers of the NDP personalize and attack the Tory leader by calling him Hughie. They set up anonymous blogs to attack radio hosts and make accusations that could see them in court. I tried to pose a question on one of the blogs about whether the NDP planned on protesting any of the political shows on campus radio elsewhere across the country and within Winnipeg and was ignored. It would seem their concern was just for The Great Canadian Talk Show.

CBC reporters are referred to as:

individuals posing as reporters but are really just douche-bags

The NDP in Saskatchewan were thoroughly spanked for acting like spoiled brats for their fear and loathing campaign.

I believe some in the NDP are unaware of what a negative ad is. These ads fall into that category. I have explained before and will repeat again: contrast ads are negative ads.

There isn't anything wrong with negative ads but don't deny that you're doing them by referring to the truthiness of them. And don't pretend that that your unofficial campaign isn't making claims and namecalling in support of the NDP.

My guess is that this is likely to backfire if it continues to be over the top as it seems to have been over the last months.

No one is going to appreciate the claims that the NDP government will pay for a stadium no matter how far the cost will rise. Even a Blue Bomber fan is likely to have issues with that.

I suggest the official and unofficial campaigns cool it on the NDP front and maybe the party should come up with an exciting and perhaps, visionary policy platform.

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kenmore63 said...

Okay, okay, okay. First I'd like to say that I come from a life long NDP family. I voted for Bill Blakie several times. I have taken the liberty of browsing this site. This site is a hateful, slanderous, self indulgent website. I find it particularly funny that the curators don't even have the testicular fortitude to take credit for this tripe seeing as how they choose to remain anonymous. I hope that the person responsible for this site get exposed for the cowards they are.

John Dobbin said...

It is one of a couple of sites. Most are not insightful.

If the NDP is to win, they will have to do better. One of the reasons they were unpopular in 1988 was we saw similar behaviour.

Whatever the merits of the government, they can be undone by acting out as we have seen. A backlash is entirely possible.