Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Alternative Media On Its Knees

Today, ITV Brandon went off the air. This comes on the heels of The Great Canadian Talk Show going off the air and two prominent bloggers leaving the scene.

The owner of Winnipeg-based Studio Publications Glenn Tinley said that the franchise in Brandon ran into trouble. Similar problems seems to have affected the Winnipeg franchise.

ON CBC Radio at Noon, Tinley said he hoped to see some re-introduction of the media group in Brandon by March.

In the mean time, Brandon is left with one less alternative for news and insight in the Westman area.

It has been a sad few weeks in regards to non-mainstream media.

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Graham said...

Sad few weeks indeed.

For the "alternative media's" next trick, Policy Frog will reveal that his legal name is, indeed, "Policy Frog."

John Dobbin said...

There is a Colin Fast listed as the media contact for anything related to The Great Canadian Talk Show.

Same Policy Frog?

John Dobbin said...

My error on the contact person.

Red River College should have someone soon who might be able to shed some light on things.

There is a lot of confusion right now. Hope to update in the next little while on the matter.

heywaitaminute said...

The contact person now listed is one Graham Thomson at 949-8377 email gthomson@rrc.mb.ca.

The alternative media might be on it's knees at the moment, but as with the Phoenix, they too shall rise.