Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Winnipeg Art Gallery

Winnipeg Art Gallery and Studio building.

It has been a good few months for the Winnipeg Art Gallery. First there was a donation of a painting worth a couple of million dollars.

The 98 year old gallery is the oldest civic art gallery in Canada. The building along Memorial Boulevard was built in 1971. It has had a couple of major renovations over the years and they acquired the Mall Medical building beside the gallery 15 years ago to host some of their work and outreach.

Now, as the 100th birthday draws closer, the WAG has announced that they will tearing down the former Mall Medical building to showcase their excellent and important exhibit of Inuit art. The new building will be three stories and cost $30 million when everything is included such as an endowment.

As Manitoba and Winnipeg near their 150th birthdays, I believe all museums and galleries could do with expansion and enhancement. I wonder if the province is looking that far ahead.

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