Monday, September 27, 2010

City Election and Charleswood Part 4

Dashi Zargani, candidate for Charleswood-Tuxedo.

I still haven't heard a lot to tell me about the policy distinctions of the candidates.

CBC Radio will be featuring a discussion in the next day of the Charleswood issues. It should be interesting.

I am looking at the websites of the candidates to see if I can find out anything that will help me in my vote.

At the moment, I am looking at candidate Dashi Zargani. Dashi was one of two people who filled out a questionnaire and the answers have been posted here.

Dashi also has a website that you can view here. I think the answers he provided to the questionnaire provide more details.

In his bio, Dashi says he has been in Winnipeg since 1995, is of Iraqi descent, is married and has three children. It doesn't say where he works in the bio but in the questionnaire he said he is a business owner. I believe he owns the White Tower restaurant on Roblin Blvd.

His bio says he supports tax increases at the rate of inflation. He also says the neighbourhood and the city needs more police.

He indicates that he will have weekly and monthly open houses and forums with residents.

One of the areas Dashi says he will look to improve is city infrastructure. And by that he means roads, bridges and water and sewer work. He believes bus rapid transit should hook up with the IKEA.

The platform is a fairly general one but not inconsistent with some of the other things I am seeing on websites of the candidates. Still, I am craving more detail. I hope to see more of Dashi's stand on a variety of issues in the media, on his website or in flyers to my door.

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