Saturday, September 4, 2010

Charleswood-Tuxedo Candidate Livio Ciaralli

Thanks to Livio Ciarelli for his quick response after announcing his candidacy. I hope he fills in the fun part of the questionnaire as well. I have posted his answers unedited.

To view the previous responses of Dashi Zargani, look here.

Questions for the candidates for Charleswood-Tuxedo Ward

Question 1: What is your name? Livio Ciaralli

Question 2: What is your profession? I install Voice /Data/Optical Structured Cabling Networks

Question 3: How old are you? 49 this September

Question 4: Can you tell us about your family?

Son of Italian immigrants. Married a local Charleswood girl 22 years ago. Have 2 sons.

Question 5: Why are you running in Charleswood-Tuxedo?

I think Charleswood needs some new ideas and thoughts as to what we deserve in light of what we contribute. We’re pretty comfortable here, nonetheless, like the last election. My focus will always be on young people, those not so fortunate and our elders. I know its clich├ęd, but really, do we in the Ward have much to complain about other than a lack of facilities and some little benefits. There will be much more detail when I release my Platform

Question 6: How long have you lived in the ward?

22 years

Question 7: Have you had any past political affiliations in provincial or federal politics?


Question 8: Who did you vote for in the last civic election both for mayor and councillor and why? How would you rate the last council and mayor?

I voted Cerilli and myself. The last council had done a poor job of keeping Ratepayers front and center and giving them the respect they deserved.

Question 9: Do you feel your political views are left, center or right? How would you describe your political views?

I define myself as a Conservative/Social/Liberal I guess that makes me an Idealist. Coming from an engineering background, I like it when the math works. When the math works, everyone benefits.

Question 10: What do you think are the major issues for the city of Winnipeg?

We need to stop bickering about every issue. The first question a Councillor needs to ask is “ Are taxpayers being respected “, the answer to that question defines how we proceed.

Sorry, there’s a bigger issue, but will have to wait till Platform is released

Question 11: What do you think are the major issues for the ward of Charleswood-Tuxedo?

The biggest issue, in the first year is to get our Fire Hall built.

Question 12: Do you support a continued tax freeze or do you believe that taxes should go up to re-build infrastructure and support programs?

I don’t believe raising taxes is the answer. It is just a lazy way of penalizing taxpayers for bad decisions.

Question 13: Do you support cuts in the city of Winnipeg budget? Where?

I don’t support cuts. I much prefer finding efficiencies that leverage our money 20 to 30% more.

Question 14: Do you support increases in the city of Winnipeg budget? Where?

Again, we collect enough taxes, if departments can find efficiencies, which will be my only instruction to them, then we can redistribute where we require.

Question 15: Do you support an increase, decrease or a freeze in the city budget for police officers? Do you believe we need more police officers? If so, would you support a tax increase for it?

Without a review, I can’t say if we need more. I’ve worked in police stations and at 151 Princess, you see a lot of police walking around. As a lay person, we can draw inaccurate observations, personally, I am sure they are doing something worthwhile. Maybe we have enough police, its how they are used that is an issue.

Again, no tax increase.

Question 16: What is your view on crime in the city of Winnipeg and what can you as councillor do about it?

Having lived in 3 other Metropolitan city’s and visited Cities in Europe, Central America and the States, Winnipeg is pretty safe. Sure we have youth crime, derelicts, panhandlers, petty thieves, drugs, gangs etc. But really when you think of it the City is not bad….could be better yes. We all know crime is a hot button issue, I believe the Province has to demonstrate more responsibility on this topic.

But look, if push comes to shove, I have no problem throwing them out of the City.

Gangs, seriously, we need to get tough with these punks. They appear; we round them up and throw them out. They come back, we do the same. Keep doing until they stop coming back.

Question 17: Do you support rapid bus transit or light rail transit? Do you have any other ideas for rapid transit? Do you believe Charleswood is well served for public transit?

Neither. But if the mayor is trying to get more of our money back from the Feds./Province, I’ll take either.. I personally don’t see the need and the reasoning behind it. My preference would be to see a Portage/Polo Park/St. James line, but I have to set my personal reasons aside and give my full support to whoever is bringing tax dollars back to Winnipeg taxpayers.

Charleswood need s a Wilkes line with Park and Ride facilities. Students and workers need to get downtown quicker. This line would save a lot of money for those that are forced to take vehicles to reach the U of M and perhaps those that commute downtown, some incentive to switch.

Question 18: Do you believe a city should fund a zoo? If yes or no, please indicate why. Would you support closing or selling the zoo or ending funding of the zoo?

Personally, I’m not in favor of keeping animals captive. I believe we have enough technology we can give kids a WOW effect. But if we are going to go ahead and rebuild one, let’s make it the very best we can and get the proper funding for it.

Question 19: Do you believe a city should fund arts and culture? If yes or no, indicate why.

Yes, but I would like to have a much better focus. I am a big fan of street festivals and a pedestrian experience. Look I’m Italian, la Bella Vita is in our blood.

Question 20: Do you believe the fire department should have an increase, decrease or a freeze in their budget? Would you support a tax increase for the fire department?

No new taxes. As for increases, efficiencies first. But by all means we shouldn’t short change them. After all, they are possibly #2 in importances when it comes to City departments.

Question 21: Do you believe that roads, water and sewer should receive an increase, decrease or freeze in their budget? Would you support a tax increase for roads, water and sewer?

No new taxes. As for increases, let them find efficiencies first.

Question 22: Do you support the present hotel tax?

No, but is this an issue. Seems to me, everyone is on board so I’ll accept that fact

Question 23: Would you support the city of Winnipeg having a sales tax in addition to property tax?

No. We can do better. This is just a lazy way to try and solve a problem. But I would support a formula that took a portion of all PST spent in the City and returned by the Province with no strings attached. I go into detail about this issue on my website.

Question 24: Do you think Winnipeg should have a tax cut? If yes or no, explain why?

No, we must meet our budget requirements, but we should stop nickel diming residents with dreary, lazy oppressive schemes. Parking and Red light camera’s come to mind.

Question 25: Do you believe that the present city of Winnipeg budget is adequate for the city of Winnipeg? If yes or no, explain why.

I think if efficiencies are found , its adequate for year to year operations. But it cannot support the huge infrastructure price tag, nor can it support poor City planning

Question 25: Should education be funded through property tax or through general funds from the province?

This is a Provincial matter, and they should deal with it. As it stands, the city takes the brunt of the backlash for increases when in fact, the City only collects it. Let Provincial politicians take the heat.

Question 26: Do you support term limits? Will you be serving a term limit even if there are no rules in place? How long will you serve?

Yes I support Term Limits. I will serve for 4 years, and if at that time I sense it is impossible to effect change, I will walk away. A second term would only interest me if my Major platform issue has gained traction. But if you can’t accomplish anything in 8 years, why stay? Besides, it trumps voter apathy and gives other courage to run. Our Ward is a perfect example. Last election there was only two of us, now, the flood gates have opened. It’s a good thing

Question 26: Do you think housing should be allowed at The Forks? If yes or no, explain why.

Sure, as long as it does not interfere with the general scope of the Forks. Beside the rail tracks could work. Who knows, if the rails leave town and abandon the ROW’s, the residents would have front door access to public transport, how cool would that be.

Question 27: What changes (if any) should be done to upkeep our city parks and recreation programs?

In my last election , I had campaigned for a 500 Thousand per Ward funding formula. I’ll hold to that goal. With this return to the grass roots level of continuous funding , a lot of projects would be completed without all the red tape that goes along with City Hall control.

Question 28: What do hope to see in the Kapyong Barracks along Kenaston?

Assuming negotiations are completed, I wouldn’t be against a residential area. You know this issue is just so muddled and stuck at other government levels , does it really matter what anyone thinks. I won’t waste too much energy on it. I’ll have to see what Planning’s’ thoughts are on the matter.

Question 29: Do you support a moratorium on development on old railway lines in favor of rapid transit and bike corridors?

As in the last election….yes, these are very important ROW’s. As important as Watermains and sewers. It was irresponsible to have sold the River Heights Row’s and remove the Polo Park (Canadian Tire ) rails. Someone should have lost their job over this lack of foresight..

People need to understand, these rail lines already form our Rapid Transit system. It is perhaps one of the greatest treasures we have. We need to preserve them and start thinking how they can be used in Planning our City.

What is really interesting is no one at City Hall has bothered to engage Rail companies in the discussion. I will.

Question 30: Do you support widening Kenaston to three lanes in each direction?

Do I have a choice. Ikea and a massive development is going in, how else are you going to service the area. But I don’t think it’s the right spot for Ikea, nor do I think Kenaston should become a heavy freight corridor. My views differ on the matter..

Question 31: Do you support the creation of service roads for any further shopping developments?

Well yes, that’s how its been done for half a century in most Cities.

Question 32: What is your view on city taxes going to build a stadium for the Blue Bombers and Manitoba Bisons?

Against it, unless we reject the current proposal. We need to start at square one and reevaluate what “community owned “actually” means and what type of Stadium we really want and where it suits the City in a more efficient manner for all Citizens.

Question 33: What is your view of a possible call for taxpayer help to expand the MTS Centre? Would you support it?

Against it. Sorry, but we are paying for all these stadiums so a few can retain ownership. I think we’ve helped enough and they should make their own investments, considering one of the partners is a multi billionaire. I understand the benefits, but taxpayers have really pulled through in the last decade. Its time for private business to put their profits, which taxpayers have made possible, back into their ventures. Yes, I understand the bigger picture, but , really, when is enough , enough. Perhaps they should go to the business community and raise capital there ( the way business should be conducted )

Question 34: What do you believe the city should do to ensure a vital downtown? Do you believe it is important as a councillor to support it?

Of course every councilor needs to support the core. My views are a little more daring. I see the U of W and Red River experiments as huge successes. The experiment has worked, we should work to make the Core an Educational Center . It would be huge and very prosperous. I mean, is their another proposal out there that brings thousands of pedestrian to the core day in day out ?

Question 35: Do you believe that some city service should be privatized? What services (if any) would be candidates for it?

I like our civil service. I’ve worked with them for over 15 years. It has been my experience, of all levels of government; our civil employees are the best. These people are our frontline. I think they can do the job and more. I just want to see if I can re energize them and give them incentives that would promote a better level of service. If that doesn’t work, of course, as a contractor, I know the contracting industry can get projects completed.

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