Monday, July 26, 2010

Tuxedo Park Shopping Centre Part 3

It will be a sad day for some when Salisbury House restaurant closes at the Tuxedo Park Shopping Centre.

I have eaten there many times in the past but so often in recent years. The restaurant has been at its Tuxedo location for 27 years. I can imagine that some people are upset and with the closure, there will be very little in the way of eating establishments aside from Starbucks.

By all accounts it is a busy place but it wasn't enough to appeal to the managers of the mall who probably thought that a better class of clientele with a faster turnover of parking spaces lay in choosing the the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission's Liquor Mart expansion into the restaurant's space.

The 2,613-square-foot space will now be renovated into a full size Liquor Mart.

I can remember the petition several years ago that the MLCC undertook to get approved for a location at Tuxedo. There were some initial reservations. It looks as if those concerns have been swept aside in the last few years.

NewWest Enterprise Property Group has been upgrading the mall for some time. The Mac's store was discarded some time ago and now it will be followed by the Sal's in December.

The mall is filled to the rafters so there isn't a spot elsewhere that Sal's could move to. There is probably a need for place like Sal's in the River Heights/Tuxedo/Charleswood area given the seniors in the area but there is no spaces available until Charleswood. Senior's in Charleswood have been using the McDonald's at the Charleswood Shopping Centre Plaza for some time as a gathering spot.

It is possible that a Sal's could succeed at the Charleswood mall if the owner's of Sal's were willing to make that investment. My suggestion would be a restaurant in the parking lot.

Edit: Forgot to add that Salisbury House is building a 150 seat store in the former location of Longhorn's Texas Steakhouse (the Branigan's before that) on Leila Street in Garden City. It will also serve as their new headquarters as they move from St. James.

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