Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Store and Restaurant Wish List

Victoria Secret.

Marshalls store coming to Canada soon.

The Free Press once did a wish list of stores and restaurants that Winnipeggers wanted to see in the city. Some of those wishes have been fulfilled, some have not. And in the last while, we have lost a few stores that people liked including the Disney store and Linens and Things.

In recent weeks, we have heard that several U.S. and international stores are looking to build in Canada or expand their locations in Canada. The latest is Marshalls, a fashion retailer.

They are not the only retailers indicating that they are considering coming to Canada. Also planning to build in Canada are Target, Juicy Couture and Victoria Secret.

In recent months, Winnipeggers were teased by the story that H&M was coming to Winnipeg. The story proved premature.

Lowe's has announced expansion into every western province except Manitoba.

TGI FRidays opens at the airport this year.

I have no idea what people in Winnipeg want today but I will list a number of stores and restaurants and will include any others people throw out there.


Outback (already in Alberta and in Ontario although many closed in that province in 2009)
Hard Rock Cafe (in some Canadian provinces)
Chili's (already in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta)
Rainforest Cafe (already in Ontario)
Ruby Tuesday (already in Ontario)
Sweet Tomatoes


Lowe's (in Ontario and soon to be every western province but Manitoba)
Victoria Secret
Juicy Couture
Crate and Barrel
J Crew
Brooks Brothers

I will add more stores and restaurants over the next days.

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Claire said...

What about Sweet Tomatoes????

John Dobbin said...

You're absolutely right. I added it now.

John Dobbin said...

Update: Hollister's is coming to Winnipeg in fall of 2010.