Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Colour Orange

There has been debate recently about the new blog started by someone in opposition to the Black Rod.

By all accounts even NDP supporters are having a hard time with the blinkered support for the NDP and the targeting of the Black Rod. The new blog goes by the title Orange Rod.

Now, let me be the first to say that I have criticized the Black Rod for some of the articles that have been written. I wrote what I think in regards to his comments on the Taman Inquiry. The Black Rod also jumps to conclusions where there is no evidence to back up the claim. I specifically refer to a recent death in Shamattawa.

I have no idea why the NDP would want to draw any more attention to the blog. You always have to take it with a grain of salt since it is an anonymous writer who doesn't allow any countering commentary.

The Orange Blog has mimicked that approach and is also anonymous and doesn't allow commentary. If one didn't know better, some might think this is a game played by a person whose only intent is mischief. However, the earnestness of the Orange Rod seems to indicate it is truly an NDP partisan.

The NDP must be fairly alarmed at the string of polls that indicate their support is less than what it was. I expect them to lash out with increasing ferocity.

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The Great Canadian Talk Show said...

In fact, Mr. OR stated categorically that the blog was started as a personal attack on my work in radio, the day after my 75 minute interview with Judy W-L.

Mr. OR, who unlike the Black Rod does not even provide an email address, also claims I write the Black Rod, which is false.

Allow me to be clear:
I write one blog only,

Mr. Nobody said...

As far as I can tell, the Black Rod doesn't post any comments on any of the local blogs as the Black Rod.

If the OR wants no comments on his site and go toe to toe with the Black Rod, he should do the same.

One more thing, if he's a staffer at the leg, I will make sure an audit is done on his computer to see if he spends time during work on the blog. If he is,I will ask that he resign.

I've done it before and the staffer took early retirement.

Marty, in Montreal we have an old Yiddish saying....fckum

Graham said...

Good points John.

If poll numbers continue to fall, lashing out or upping the aggression might be a bad thing. Not unlike Paul Martin's government...clinging on to whatever scraps of government they have left.

Orange Rod said...

Marty Gold. Stop lying to everyone. You are the Black Rod.

Mr. Nobody said...

Mr. what.? Whats the problem ?

The Great Canadian Talk Show said...

What's an orange rod anyways? A creamsicle?

Orange Rod said...

Marty names don't matter. There is no such thing as an Orange Rod. We will expose you for the moron you are. You are a liar. You are the Black Rod.

The Great Canadian Talk Show said...

Ok Creamsicle, whatever you say. Just try not to melt all over some little kids hands, it's supposed to be hot today.

Moonai said...

"What's an orange rod anyways? A creamsicle?"

Get frisky with The Situation after a particularly energetic bout with a tanning booth, then you'll understand.