Monday, July 5, 2010

Black and White Police Cars

The super smart Brandon Police black and white cars. Thanks to Mike who pointed this out. I really like them.

The new look of Victoria Police black and white. I like this one.

The classic LAPD black and white.

The two choices for Winnipeg Police cars.

There was a time when Winnipeg Police cars were black and white. Many police forces in North America and around the world have used those colours because they have been very easy to identify. That changed in 1989 when both uniforms and police cars changed colour. At that time, the police in Winnipeg were looking to change their public persona and the look of the cars and officer uniforms were part and parcel of that change.

Now, it looks like Winnipeg is going back to that. A police email has asked officers to select their choice. My view is that the general public should also be asked since they are the ones who most need to identify police from a distance.

It looks again as if like we are following the Ontario Provincial Police who dropped black and white in 1989 only to change back in 2007.

I thought the old Winnipeg Police cars were distinctive and think that many Winnipeggers would support reverting back to that look with a few flourishes. I can't say that either of the two cars shown inspire so far.

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mrchristian said...

The Brandon ones are nice. I like the wheat motif - looks smart on the cars and on the Wheaties' jerseys !

If we're going to go black and white might as well go bold black and white (like Brandon) rather than a white car with a slight variation in the type of stickers on them.

With age and cold the stickers start to crack and chip at the edges so we might as well make black and white the colour of the vehicle itself and rely less on the stickers.

We should also have bison horns on the front !

Anonymous said...

It seems as if alot of police forces are going back to Black and white, such as the New Westminster Police, South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Police Service, West Vancouver Police, Abbotsford Police, and Port Moody PD, and that is just in the Metro Vancouver area of BC. The RCMP might go to black and white, as well as blue and white too.