Saturday, January 30, 2010

University of Winnipeg Part 2

Leave it to Lloyd Axworthy. He seems to be able to shake major donors of cash by the ankles to cough up for major projects.

The latest money extracted from a donor comes from the Buhlers. The $4 million donated by them for the new building at the site of the United Army Navy Surplus location is the largest private donation in the university's history.

The Buhler Centre is the future location of the continuing education department and the Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art.

Continuing Education has moved around the downtown multiple times, six at last count. This should finally give them the permanent home they deserve.

While all the building has been a good thing, I hope the university doesn't forget the need to keep programs running at a high level and watch for deficits in keeping the university running. Some of those deficits can be from not getting a handle on pensions, salaries and benefits.

Still, I don't want this post to be a downer. The University of Winnipeg has made an number of announcements in regards to expansion, programming and the like which deserve kudos.

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Centenial College said...

Well that sounds great! Donating for educational purposes has always resulted in benefiting society.
Continuing Education

Anonymous said...

the Uof W and Red River should be commended for the efforts they have made downtown. Both these entities are breathing life into the core. More should be done to make the core an Educational Center attracting 10's of thousands of academia into the core each and every day.

It is unfortunate we cannot find the courage to get the U of M building and relocating to the core. The "experiment" is working.