Thursday, January 7, 2010


I wonder how long the Black Rod will push the suicide angle before he pulls the story.

Shamattawa fire deaths may be linked to suicide

The second body found in a house destroyed by fire early Saturday morning on the Shamattawa Indian reserve will likely be identified as the mother of the missing 11-year-old boy who has already been named as the other victim.

RCMP and band residents know this but are apparently withholding the information because her death may be a suicide which preceded the fire, according to evidence provided in separate news stories from the community

There is certainly a tragic story here but the speculation without any evidence is hardly helpful.

The entire line of thinking regarding the daughter has been blown up by the RCMP indicating the second body in the house was an animal.

Several lines of investigation are needed in regards to this death but making up a story to suit a political agenda is not the way to go.

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Fat Arse said...

Good post John,

I agree that the Black Rod's propensity to offer up knee-jerk commentary in cases like these is unwelcome. It does nothing to bring clarity to either the human tragedy involved here or the wider social issues at play on First Nations reserves. All it really does is unnecessarily fan the flames and advance an accusatory agenda bereft of facts.

Anne of Green Gables said...

Thanks for talking about Shamattawa. It is one of 4 Deisel Reserves in Manitoba, the others are Brochet, Lac Brochet, Tadoule Lake. Think fetal alcohol syndrome is ugly? Try fetal gasoline syndrome. These reserves are the shame of not just our Province, but of Canada. Apartheid. I say it is a huge issue, but my friend says, its not an issue until people start talking about it. So carry on talking about it. Lets get this out in the open. What life is really like in Shamattawa. Those reserves have got to be shut down, they are shameful. Lets not talk about traditional life styles of native peoples. Fetal gasoline syndrome and suicide at 14 are not part of traditional life styles. I'd like Greg Sellinger to spend 3 months in Shamattawa and then see how he likes it.