Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Shopping

Sun photo of Dave Angus advocating Sunday shopping.

The Sun is reporting that the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce is asking for a loosening of the Sunday shopping rules.

There was some controversy when shopping was first allowed but Manitobans have voted with their feet. Go to any shopping mall or grocery store and see the crowds.

The Chamber has asked for a modest change of perhaps two to three hours more.

The idea should be reviewed.

Those that do not wish to work on Sunday or shop on Sunday should not be forced to. However, those that do want to work or shop on that day should receive consideration too.

My view is that Sunday shopping should be allowed without restriction. Let the market decide what works well for them as they did when many stores decided to close 30 minutes earlier each night rather than stay open till 9:30.

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1 comment:

Dallas said...

What is this a Christian theocracy? Why should one day of the week be treated differently in the eyes of the law?