Friday, June 19, 2009

Winnipeg's Growth Spurt

Picture of Downtown Winnipeg from Wikipedia

Statistics Canada revised its estimates of Winnipeg's population growth in their last report.

The size of the Winnipeg Census Metropolitan Area -- essentially, the city and most of its bedroom communities -- has also been adjusted and is now pegged at 739,000, up 18,500 from a previous 2009 estimate of 720,500.

The revised population estimates, which are based on 2006 census data, are being treated as a sign that Winnipeg has finally overcome the malaise that plagued the city in the mid-1990s, when population growth was stagnant. But projections of further growth have city administrators worried about a worsening housing crisis.

That is quite the jump and there is a number of things that the experts say have helped propel growth. Immigration and the provincial nominee program has been a huge factor. Inter-provincial migration is another factor. The economy's strength has ensured that people have come to the province or stayed in the province.

The Free Press article asked the question of whether the provincial nominee program which has been so successful in attracting immigrants will put a stop to the growth. It is a good question. Already there are some expressing deep fears. While everyone agrees the system should not be open to abuse, it should also not shut the door to nominees.

Manitoba has done exceptionally well and it can be seen in the hustle and bustle within the province despite the continuing recession.

There are clouds though and a lot of it has to do with how immigration is dealt with in the future through the nominee program. It is still Manitoba's best bet for a vital and diverse population. At the moment, it doesn't look like the NDP government is aware of how negative the outlook is on their legislation.

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