Thursday, January 29, 2009

Polo Park 5/ Sephora

Just a short time ago, the Winnipeg Free Press asked its readers to tell the paper which stores did they want to see come to Winnipeg next after Ikea announced its intentions. Sephora was one of the stores mentioned along with Target and Crate and Barrel.

I had never heard of Sephora and why not? Well, it is a cosmetics company based out of France. Little did I know that people from Winnipeg actually make trips to Toronto or Edmonton to shop at this exclusive store.

Now word comes out that Sephora is building a 6000 square foot retail space in Polo Park. It will be their 13th location in Canada and the first outside Quebec, Ontario and Alberta. The store is moving into the Tommy Hilfiger location in the mall.

Tommy Hilfiger already has a location at the Kenaston and McGillivray so the closing of the Polo Park location might be nothing more than consolidation to a site with a lower rent and better parking.

Sephora should be able to do well at Polo Park and will be one more reason for shoppers to stay in the province for their purchases.

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