Sunday, January 18, 2009

Parking Ban

Sign from Ottawa that goes up when they have planned snow removal.

The issue of a snow removal parking ban comes up every year and every year people grumble about having to take move their cars off the street to allow for snow removal.

This past winter tickets were issued when many drivers didn't move their cars. The mayor quashed all those tickets much to the dismay and anger of councilor Bill Clement.

Other cities have snow route bans in place such as Edmonton and Ottawa.

There are too many residents with garages who park their car on the streets even when they have a garage. There are many people who also say for socio-economic reasons that they cannot afford a place to park so they park on the street. That means that every snowfall, there are a lot of people with vehicles on the street.

It seems clear that the city needs to review its entire parking policy top to bottom so that many outstanding issues of handicapped parking, parking tickets, parking meters and parking restrictions become more transparent.

Some cities have had used alternative street parking during snow removal. How could this be done? Well, it would not be easy because the streets are not set up in every neighborhood as a grid system. However, if some accepted alternative parking plan was set up, it could address the issue of those who say that they need a place during snow removal.

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