Friday, January 16, 2009

Last Post Charleswood Hotel

Although it has been closed since October 31, 2008, it looks like the deal to buy the hotel has been completed. The 44 year hotel built in 1964 has been bought by Co-Op Gas as reported in the Metro.

No official announcement was made but the Charleswood Department store owner Ike Kraut says the new owners came by to say hello. With 56 years in the neighborhood, the Charleswood Department store remains the old vet in the neighborhood.

The owners of the Park West Inn near the perimeter say they have noticed an increase in traffic.

That hotel is too far away to really count as a neighborhood watering hole.

It seems the local non-alcohol gathering spot is now the new Starbucks located in the former Robin's. On any given night, Ashahi restaurant, Subway and Starbucks have a full parking lot.

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