Monday, August 27, 2007

Thoughts in Passing

I don't think anyone can not help notice that Winnipeg Sun boxes that have sprouted up all over town. For many weeks now, the Sun has been distributed as complementary papers from these boxes. When newspaper companies distribute free papers, it usually is a harbinger of bad times.

If I was a retailer, I'd be wondering why the heck I was giving up valuable space on my shelves to the Sun. If I was a subscriber, I'd stop the paper now.


Steven Truscott was acquitted to day. It has taken almost 50 years for this to happen. He wasn't exonerated though and to this day, the Crown believes it has the right man.

There are 15 cases in Manitoba that could be wrongful convictions. Hopefully, the investigation into the merits of those cases doesn't take 50 years.


Senator Craig of the U.S. Senate pleaded guilty to lewd contact in a Minneapolis airport washroom. Several months ago, there was a report of gay men using an Assiniboine Park washroom as a rendezvous point.

This type of behahviour in public spaces such as washrooms is unacceptable.

As far as the political implications for the Idaho Senator, it doesn't bode well for him with his defence of "I'm not gay" being the lasting memory of his time as a legislator.

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