Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bits and Bites

I don't think anyone can be unmoved by the woman who discovered her dog sitting on a counter months after it was supposed to have been buried. The crematorium has been closed but questions of how the industry is regulated by officials and users of these facilities needs to be examined. Veterinarians need to be more aware of where the animals are going to be disposed of. The Winnipeg Humane Society only stopped using this company two months ago when they failed to pick up animals consistently. Obviously, not enough people seemed concerned about what happened to pets once they were removed from vet clinics and the Humane Society until now. That has to change.


Speaking of The Humane Society , they are few months from moving to their new facility off of Waverley. The Kent Road premises are not big enough to handle the amount of animals processed each year. The building had become long in the tooth and was not good for housing animals, displaying animals for adoption and not great for walking dogs.

I guess some of the major concerns about the move are:

How will it affect the volunteer base?

People in the east end of the city will find it not as convenient to get to the new facility. Having said that, perhaps the volunteer base will grow because they are more centrally located.

Is the Humane Society close to public transit?

Waverley has regular bus service heading towards the university. The problem is that the bus stop is some distance from the actual Humane Society building. The section of Waverley is a pretty windy section because of the railroad tracks. These tracks were the same ones that overturned a woman's scooter as she crossed. That whole crossing is not very people friendly for those wanting to walk or bike to the new building.

Is it is easy to drive to the Humane Society?

Well, there is a turning lane but getting on and off Waverley isn't a piece of cake. It may be a problem for many people.

In any event, the new building is totally needed and with any luck, some of the problems mentioned will work themselves out.

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