Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Buy Buy Baby Coming to Polo Park Area

The massive amount of reconstruction along St. James is the aftermath of Canada Inn Stadium being demolished and the land redeveloped. The promise was that money would be used to re-build the woeful roads all around Manitoba's biggest mall Polo Park. One of those roads fixed and enhanced was St. Matthews. The better roads has contributed to a number of businesses upgrading the Polo Park neigbourhood buildings and in some cases, adding new retailers and restaurants.

The retail strip that contains Best Buy, Save on Foods and Hockey Life is getting an addition on its north side up to St. Matthews. The new retailer coming is a sister store of Bed, Bath and Beyond called Buy Buy Baby. As one can guess from the name it is a retailer specializing in all things baby related.

Bed, Bath and Beyond already has one store in Winnipeg by Polo Park so Buy Buy Baby will be new to the local market. In recent years, some retailers have focused on babies as a niche market so this might not be the last retailer to be seen entering the market here.

The intersection of St. James and St. Matthews looks to be busy as in addition to Buy Buy Baby, the former Target has now been converted into Marshalls, Winners and 24-7 In Touch call center. Several other retailers and restaurants have announcements coming up soon as well.

Still no word on what is coming to Sears Polo Park but it unlikely another Christmas will pass with it empty.

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