Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Winnipeg Civic Elections Endorsements

I have been terribly undecided all this civic election.

I think I had my school trustee selection for Ward 1 in Pembina Trails decided before any of my other candidate selections.

Without further adieu here are my selections for trustees.

I am voting tomorrow for Dianne Zuk and Eugene Melnyk, the incumbents. Why? I think Pembina Trails so far has been managed fairly well and they have the experience to watch for the big changes coming in Waverley West. The new trustree I am voting for is Jaime Glenat who is endorsed by retiring incumbent Gail Watson. I was leaning toward Glenat even before hearing that though.

For Charleswood-Tuxedo councillor I am voting for Evan Duncan. Why? He speaks passionately on the issues and seems intent on representing the ward. Why him and not others? I was concerned about some candidates having two jobs in business and in council and not having significant separation between the two. I was concerned some candidates were too party connected.

In the end, politics isn't personal. The person I don't vote for this time can be the person I vote for next time. That is also vice versa.

In the last election, I voted for Judy Waslycia-Leis. I won't this time. I have not been certain she can be her own woman once elected. I have thought I'd vote for Brian Bowman to ensure JWL doesn't win. However, I have been disappointed in the candidate from time to time. I have been impressed with Robert-Falcon Ouellette even when I don't always agree with him.

What can you say about Steeves? While some might agree with some of his policies, the campaign has been a three ring circus. As for other candidates, it is a crowded field and standing out is hard.

For mayor, I will be voting for Robert -Falcon Ouellette.

I am often on the losing side of elections. It isn't as important to me as feeling happy with that vote. And just every so often, my candidate wins.

I am one voter. Just vote for the candidate you think is right.

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